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Euro Millions - Eurpore's Biggest & Best Lottery
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That's right, beginning on the 10th May 2011 the Euro Millions will be making some big changes to allow for larger prizes and increase the number of winners each week.

  • MORE DRAWS: Beginning May 10th, draws will be held TWICE a week on Tuesday's and Fridays.

  • MORE ROLLOVERS: 'Lucky Stars' number selections will increase from 1 to 9 to numbers from 1 to 11 to create even more rollovers.

  • MORE PRIZES: A new 13th Prize Tier will be added for matching just 2 main numbers!, this means even more chances to win a cash tax-free prize!.

  • Now Thirteen Ways to Win

    There are now 13 different levels of EuroMillions Lottery prize categories, based on the amount of right numbers matched. As a result of this division into twelve prize categories, the odds of winning a prize in any given draw are even better.

    The EuroMillions Lottery is a rolling jackpot lottery game, meaning that the grand prize jackpot is 'rolled - over' and added to the next week's jackpot if the big prize is not won. If the big jackpot prize keeps rolling over week after week and still not won on the twelfth week draw, the grand prize is 'rolled - down' and distributed between the players in the second level, or tier - those who guessed right the five main numbers and only one 'lucky star' number.

    Good Causes

    A large portion of the revenue gathered by the EuroMillions Lottery goes toward the funding of 'Good Causes' in all of the countries participating in the Lottery, giving back to the communities, funding local activities and local charities.

    European Flags
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    Here are some of the massive Euro Millions Prize Pools in recent times...

     # June 2009: US$125 Million # May 2009: US$249 Million
     # January 2009: US$125 Million # September 2008: US$291 Million
     # February 2008: US$261 Million # January 2008: US$146 Million
     # February 2008: US$261 Million # September 2008: US$291 Million
     # January 2007: US$142 Million # February 2006: US$194 Million
     # September 2007: US$251 Million # February 2006: US$348 Million
     # March 2006: US$99 Million # November 2006: US$343 Million
     # April 2005: US$119 Million # July 2005: US$213 Million
     # September 2005: US$132 Million # November 2005: US$85 Million

    Based on Minimum Jackpot of US$20 Million
    Jackpot Rollovers regularly reach higher than US$125 Million Dollars
    (US$) est
    5 2 JACKPOT
    5 1 €2,236,394 US$3,000,000
    5 0 €143,957 US$200,500
    4 2 €10,431 US$15,000
    4 1 €319 US$450
    4 0 €214 US$300
    3 2 €179 US$250
    3 1 €50 US$70
    2 2 €37 US$50
    3 0 €22 US$30
    1 2 €13 US$20
    2 1 €11 US$15
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