Scratch & Win Cards
A few weeks ago, Mr. CG, a lucky OSA subscriber from the West Indies, claimed a $200,000 scratch card prize!

Imagine spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, lounging on the sofa. You scratch the rub-off portion of a lottery scratch card and the next thing you know, you’ve won hundreds of thousands of dollars... just like that!

That's exactly what happened to Mr. CG, a lucky OSA player from the West Indies, who won an instant $200,000 scratch card prize just last month.

YOU Could Be the Next Instant Winner!

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How to play:
# Take a coin and scratch the rub-off portion on your card to reveal what lies beneath.
# If you find 2 or 3 matching symbols or amounts, you win a prize! (Details will vary depending on the type of scratch card, so please be sure to read the instructions at the back of each card.)
# Please do NOT write your name and address in the claim portion of the Scratch card. Scratch card winnings must be claimed in person, hence this portion must be left blank to enable an OSA agent to claim your prize on your behalf.
How to claim your prize/s:
# Return your winning scratch card to OSA along with the Prize Claim form overleaf.
# An authorized OSA agent in the lottery’s country of origin will claim your instant cash prize for you.
# Your winnings will be remitted to you IN FULL, via the payment method you specified on your Prize Claim Form.

All Lottery scratch cards distributed by Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) are purchased through government-authorized agents from the lottery’s country of origin. Immediately upon purchase, your scratch card orders are sent directly to you via Registered Air Mail.  When you win, your instant cash prizes are collected on your behalf by appointed agents of OSA, and remitted to you in full.  You may choose to receive your winnings in cash, by cheque, or in the case of large prize amounts, by telegraphic transfer to the bank of your choosing, anywhere in the world.