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Play for Multi-Million dollar prizes in the easy-to-win Lotto America Powerball Lottery. Just submit 5 Lucky numbers and 1 Powerball number to win Millions

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On January 4, 2009, the Powerball game changed. They added some white ball numbers to make the jackpots bigger and subtracted some of the red ball numbers to create more winners (over 3.5 million more winners per year at the same sales level).

Powerball is a cooperative Lotto Game operated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). It involves 32 State Lotteries and pays out more than US$2 Billion in cash prizes each year with an average Jackpot of US$141 Million per Draw.

USA Powerball has a minimum Jackpot each draw of over US$20 Million and offers you Nine ways to Win! With over 650,000 winners each week your chances of winning a cash prize are BIG!

If there's no top prize winner, the Jackpot Prize rolls over to the next draw, getting Bigger ... and Bigger ... and BIGGER!


Recent Large Jackpots include...
# US$1.5 Billion - January 13, 2016 # US$301 Million - September 30, 2015
# US$450 Million - February 11, 2015 # US$203 Million - November 8, 2014
# US$225 Million - September 24, 2014 # US$257 Million - June 11, 2014
# US$424 Million - February 19, 2014 # US$216 Million - October 23, 2013
# US$400 Million - September 18, 2013 # US$400 Million - August 7, 2013
# US$591 Million - May 18, 2013 # US$338 Million - March 23, 2013
Power Ball

Participating States include...

the Arizona Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Connecticut Lottery Corporation, D.C. Lottery (District of Columbia), Delaware Lottery, Idaho Lottery, Hoosier Lottery (Indiana), Iowa Lottery, Kansas Lottery, Kentucky Lottery Corporation, Louisiana Lottery Corporation, Maine Lottery, Minnesota State Lottery, Missouri Lottery, Montana Lottery, Nebraska Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery Commission, New Mexico Lottery, North Carolina Education Lottery, North Dakota Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, Oregon Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Rhode Island Lottery, South Carolina Education Lottery, South Dakota Lottery, Tennessee Education Lottery, Virgin Islands Lottery, Vermont Lottery, Wisconsin Lottery, and West Virginia Lottery. The Florida Lottery expects to begin selling the game in 2009.